Mt Whitney - Quick Facts

Hiking Mt Whitney

Winter is nearly here and the weather is still quite indecisive. Be prepared for the weather to change at any time. We are currently enjoying sunny weather, but there is up to a foot snow on the ground in some areas.

Don't forget to check out the web cams on our Local Resources page as well as the two weather links below.!

Whether your goal is climbing Mt. Whitney in a day via the Regular Route or the Mountaineers Route or your aspirations are a bit more technical, such as the Keeler Needle, good trip preparation is essential for your safety and enjoyment.

We have compiled some of the most useful links to help you on your Eastern Sierra Adventure! Be sure to check out our other pages which contain information on nearby peaks, activities and important traveller information.

Whitney Resources

Mt. Whitney Weather
Whitney SummitSummit Hut
Whitney Portal Weather

TopoZone: Instant topo of Mt. Whitney Region!

Inyo National Forest Service: Permits & Backcountry Info
Approved Food Storage Requirements

Web Video on Climbing Mt. Whitney

YouTube: Mt. Whitney in a day
YouTube: Mt. Whitney Summit
YouTube: Climbing Mt. Whitney East Butress

Avalanche Danger

Research Article - California Mountaineering Club

Mountaineer's Route
SuperTopo: route beta & photos
Summit Post: route beta & photos

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