Gear Rental - Important Facts

Gear Rental & Resrvations

Rentals are expensive for us to maintain, thus Elevation has instituted a price-break for our customers. A customer is anyone who spend $65 or more in our store. For more information on rental resservation, feel free to contact the shop at 760-876-4560. However you will need to fill out the Reservation Form unless you are looking to pick-up with less than 48 hours notice.

Due to liability and damage to our rental equipment, Elevation is only renting the following equipment:

$10 or less per day for customers
$15 per day for Rental Only

$25 per 24hrs

$35 Sat-Su
Extended period discounts Available

Lightweight BearVaults

See more info
$5 for 24 hrs / $7.50 for 48 hrs
Extended period discounts available

Rental Requirements

1. Crampons require boots NOT trail Shoes

2. The person renting must pick up the crampons

3. Customers save money on rentals. Spend $65 or more in the store and receive a discount on your rentals.

4. Anyone under the age of 18 renting crampons must reserve 24 hours in advance.

Lastly, our rental form is broken so you'll have to reserve the old fashion way and give us a call. 760-876-4560



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